As most high school freshmen ponder their popularity in a new school and worry whether their acne will clear up before the dance on Friday night, or if they'll be asked, even, to go with someone, Adriana, San Jose's fourteen-year-old answer to 'Lil Suzy, has bigger fish to fry, such as recording her first album, promoting her new freestyle-infused single "Until Tomorrow," and performing in nightclubs where she would be denied entry had she not been booked. Born in June 1986, when freestyle was still called Latin hip-hop and Nayobe, The Cover Girls, and TKA were its brightest stars, Adriana Carbajal first began to vocalize at the young age of five by singing along to animated musicals, such as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. As she continued to grow, Adriana's grandmother helped her hone her talent. "I would always go to her house after school," says Adriana, "so when it was time to take me home, she and I would start practicing and she would say, 'Let's see who can hold the longest 'C' note.' She would show me little things and teach me how to get my vocal strength." When Adriana was just twelve, her cousin called Time Warp Music to see if they had any interest in hearing her demo tape. Instead of waiting for the label to receive the tape, Adriana sang over the telephone for her future producers Sir Elegance and Rico Stevenson. She was quickly signed to a one-year contract with Time Warp and recorded her first song "Forever." As her contract with Time Warp was winding down, "Jazzy" Jim Archer, owner of Straight Hits Entertainment and Program Director at KYLD 94.9 in San Francisco, expressed interest in signing Adriana to his fledgling record label. After hearing her perform Jessica Simpson's "Where You Are" at her 8th grade talent show, Adriana signed a five-year contract with Straight Hits. First on the agenda was releasing Adriana's single "Until Tomorrow," which quickly heated up mix shows on radio stations in L.A., San Francisco, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Salinas, El Paso, Portland, Miami and Honolulu, and is getting significant rotations at dance music stations across the country. Performing club dates to promote the single, the singer travels with five dancers and performs "Until Tomorrow," and the recently recorded "Summer in the Skies," and admits that she has an urge to partake in the festivities at the clubs after she's done performing. "After I go on I just have to stay in the dressing room. I'm not even supposed to leave it, so it kind of sucks." Currently in the studio recording tracks for her self-titled debut album, Adriana assures that it will include a nice mixture of sounds. "It's going to have some R&B and some slow songs, and of course it will have my freestyle." Working with such producers as Jazzy Jim and Noel Saucedo of the Haus-A-Holics among others, the album is scheduled for release in early 2001. "I've recorded three or four songs for the album," says Adriana. "The recording process is kind of slow because I'm doing a lot of shows lately and there's school of course, so it's kind of hard." Well, one thing's for sure, Adriana's job is much more interesting, and pays much better, than the average fourteen-year-old's turn as a grocery store bagger.

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