All Broken Hearted
Alexia Phillips (Always Thinking Of You)

You came into my life all broken hearted

And that's the way this whole thing started

You told me how she left you all alone

And now i'm asking you, why you letting me go



Don't come back to me all broken hearted

'Cause I don't wanna live with all this heartache

So don't come back to me

'Cause boy the way I feel I just won't let you go,  

Just won't let you go, won't let you go


I made you smile when you felt sad inside

I took my time and held you through the night

Now that you're standing on your feet again

Someone will break your heart and this is what i'll say


Chorus Repeats


Tore my heart

Took it apart day by day

Each and every day

I told myself I won't let it happen again


Chorus Repeats (x2)


Don't come back to me

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