Alison has been in the music scene for some time now. Her voice has garnered the attention of many top Canadian producers. She has worked steadily at her craft developing a style that is sure to take the music industry by storm. Alison is currently attending Seneca College for Business Administration. She has been heavily involved in music and theater in High School, with lead roles in musical productions and solo performances in concerts. She is classically trained in Opera and musical theater. She sings in many languages like Spanish, Italian, German, French, and of course English. Artists that have inspired her over the years have been, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Celin Dion, Sheryl Crow to name a few. Her biggest inspiration was her high school vocal teacher, because she taught her that she was blessed with a special gift of music, and to share it with the world. Alison will be featured on the "Return Of Planet Freestyle" on August 24th 2003, with her new track entitled "I Won't Say Goodbye" featuring DJ CSI.

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