Fantasy Love
Alizée (Luna Freestyle vol.2)


Fantasy love, baby you're the one I want

I've tried to hold you near with me but it's a long lost time

Baby I can't find a reason to let you go

Come and stay with me, it's you I love


It's all a fantasy boy that we both share

Knowing it will never change because it's you I cared for

And now that you are gone i'm all alone

Praying he will bring you back my love to hold me close once more


Chorus Repeats


It's all a fantasy boy, i'm trying to keep us strong

Taking one less step for us so we can be as one

Please don't let me down and prove your love is real

I'm praying for the love of two, me and you


Chorus Repeats (x2)


It's all a fantasy boy that no one will replace

The times we spent together I never can forget

A special bond we shared which took away the pain

We'll start it once again with a second chance


Chorus Repeats (x2)

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