Devoted and diversified in everything he does Angel has never succumbed to failure or even the thought of not trying. A loving father of Brett and Sydney, he stays active playing basketball, in baseball leagues and working towards his black belt in karate. Yet, one of the most noticeable traits of his many talents is his voice. Born Angel Vasquez, also known as A- Love, singing was second nature. As a child he studied music at the East Harlem Boys Choir and honed his gift for harmonies at a young age. As he got older he became involved in sports and discovered it was another hobby he did exceptionally well in. During his high school career he was a member of both the basketball and baseball teams and singing was then pushed to the side. Towards his senior year Angel was approached with the idea of becoming a solo recording artist when another opportunity arose. When an up- and- coming singing group needed to replace one of its original members, Angel, a childhood friend of the groups lead singer Kayel, auditioned for a spot and immediately made the cut. Having gotten their start in the Latin club scenes of New York City, Tony, Kayel, and Angel -- better known as TKA -- got their first big break ironically enough at a sweet 16 birthday party. With an A&R representative from Tommy Boy present to witness their love ballad harmonies over hip-hop beats, TKA were signed instantly in 1987. Later on that year they released Scars of Love. With songs like “Maria,” “One Way Love,” “Tears May Fall,” and its title track, TKA’s debut album spawned 6 Billboard Top Dance Hits and several pop hits. The trio were essential in creating a Latin music explosion all their own. They toured all over the US and Japan. TKA also performed on a variety of music television shows including The Apollo, Dance Party USA, Party Machine and their videos were featured in both Video Music Box and on MTV’s Latin channel. By the release of their second album, Louder Than Love in 1991, and a greatest hits album in 1992, TKA traveled the US opening for groups like Boys II Men, Donna Summer and Paula Abdul. With changing minds and time came the group’s decision to take a break due to irreconcilable differences amongst their label and eachother. Seeing this as an opportunity to venture off to another genre of music Angel decided to start another group, including himself, Goodfellaz: a hip-hop-influenced urban R & B trio based in New York comprised of Miami native De Louie and Ray, who hails from Oakland. The group released their self- titled debut album on PolyGram Records in early 1997. Their first hit single “Sugar. Honey. Iced. Tea.” soared to the top of the Billboard charts and again Angel found himself traveling the world touring Europe, Japan, and all over the US. Their follow up single “If You Walk Away” gained them even more notoriety. Again the group disbanded because of irreconcilable differences but after a six-year break TKA reunited to record and release a new album and kicked off a tour. The boys proved that they still had what it takes to captivate their audience, quenching the thirst of fans they already had and winning over new admirers. At this point although they were very fond of working together, TKA decided to part ways to pursue other projects. Angel has proven that he can cut it as a Latin artist as well as an R & B singer. Now he is taking a step back from the lens to help other’s become just as successful as he has been. Since TKA A- Love has started his own management/ production company: 3HC Entertainment. It is an urban music company that scouts, develops, produces for, and manages up- and- coming artists. The concept for the name was thought of by business partner and artist J- Quest, meaning "3 Harlem Cats." 3HC's objective is to give aspiring artists a chance to have the resources to record, receive consultation about the music industry, as well as helping them to develop their musical gifts. Having seen what can happen to an artist from an artist point of view and from behind the scenes, Angel knows how hard it is for a person who's sole dream is to be a thriving singer/ rapper/ musician. Angel and his partners hope to be able to help those before they sign contracts or get into bad situations. At this time 3HC has five artists under its wing: Brett, a.k.a B. R. (Hip- Hop, songwriter), BudaBless (Hip- Hop, songwriter), J- Quest (R & B; singer/ songwriter), Chris Jackson (R & B; singer/ songwriter), and Yahaira (R & B; singer/ songwriter).

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