Dream Lover
Andrea (Maximum Freestyle vol.3)
When I was young I dreamed of A love who would fulfill my needs, yeah
To keep me satisfied and love me all through the nights
And when you came into my life
My heart was filled with so much light
You showed me things I never seen before
And you touched my soul
You're my dream lover
The one who I adore
You're my dream lover
The one that I never loved before
You're my dream lover
Sent from the angels up above
You're my dream lover
The one who i'm destined to love forever
Now that I found the one that i've been searchin' for
I could show all the that's deep inside of me
No ones ever loved me like you do
I know it's destiny, true
That we are meant to be together
You know you're my baby
Chorus Repeats x2

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