In the early 1980's this Brooklyn club jock stunned a crowd and made national head lines when he showed up at a block party street fair in a funeral precession riding in a black Hearse and in the back of this Hearse there was a copper color coffin, Trailing behind the hearse there were two black limousines as the stunned crowd looked on, Six young men carried the coffin and placed it on the stage they remove the upper and lower tops of the coffin and exposed to the crowd what was inside and to everyone's surprise there was no human corpse but instead nicely placed and well fitted were two technics turntables and a mixer.They proceeded to remove four five foot tomb stones that were tower speakers it was a strange but unique illusion to grab the attention of the crowd, The tomb stones came with their own markings, One tomb stone read "Here lays the man who rocked the dead" The other simply read "Not even the dead will rest in peace while I mix" Boy was he ever so right when he made that comment, One spectator said that he normally holds up the walls when he goes out but not today I danced my butt off because I knew all eyes were on the DJ and his coffin instead of me tripping all over the place with my two left feet. From that moment on the Introduction of a creative master mixer was introduced to the world as the "Turntable Assassin" after stunning crowds through out the country with his new found act he settled in his own skin and joined a record pool based out of Queens NY under the direction of Jonathan karris called United Spinners who is best friends with Al Pizzaro the director of one of the most exclusive record pool in all of NYC called VIP Record Pool that houses some of the worlds best DJ legends such as Todd Terry, Jazzy Joyce and Jelly Bean B. just to name a few, After Al Pizzaro heard the "Turntable Assassin mix he asked Jonathan karris if he would allow him to take the assassin under his direction to new heights after talking it over with the "Turntable Assassin" they all agree to terms and he was placed on their list of VIP DJ's, Bad Boy Bill became a club jock that ranks high among his peers Todd Terry and Jazzy Joyce have stated that they have never met a DJ that has so many talents on turntables, Striving for more he turned his talent over for hire to other music producers and artists's and turned them into platinum status. Right at the peek of his career and ready to sign with a very well known record label the attack on our country on Sept 11, 2001 that changed our world for ever caused his to crumble apart, Loosing a love one at the World Trade Center he went into seclusion for three years, Finally he turned to the only cure he knew that would help him in dealing with his lost and that was his love for music finding the passion to get behind the tables once again, He is re emerging as one of the music worlds best kept secret and NYC's fierce weapon although his peers have called him the Bad Boy of New York they eventually placed the title name of Bad Boy Bill The DJ world has now started to recognized their re emerging Master Mixer and even started calling him The "Turntable Assassin" again But he said I have become a mature adult since those days back in Brooklyn and would not want to be regarded as an assassin for obvious reasons but with his creative talent as a Master Mixer only using vinyl records not CD's to create his art in mastering six turntables to sound as if there is only one playing, He has already baffled most of the top DJ's through out the world and now he is taking his creative talent on a journey through time and sound, He is a man on a mission to reclaim his spot in the world of music once again only this time he is playing for keeps.

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