There Goes Your Heart [Miami Dub Mix]
Caprice (Planet Freestyle vol.4)
There goes your heart
No turning back
You want me more and more
And that's a fact
One night of love
And then you'll see
That you belong with me
Right from the start
You won't resist
I bet you never thought it come to this
I light your fire
In the dark
There goes your heart
A good love's hard to find
And I never let it pass me by
'Cause when I saw you
I knew right then
That I would make you mine
There's no use in fighting a feelin'
I won't take no for an answer
Boy i'm gonna get ya
And i'll prove it to ya tonight
Chorus Repeats
Baby it's plain to see
You're with her and soon it will be me
'Cause in no time she'll go down in history
But don't try to hide those emotions
We'll only wind up together
One I had is over and you'll surrender to me
Chorus Repeats
I see you with another
You tell me you love her
Soon you'll forget her
You'll leave her far behind
'Cause i'm gonna get your love
And i'll prove it to ya tonight
Chorus Repeats x3

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