Caramelo was born in Brooklyn, New York to two wonderful parents of Puerto Rican descent. He had originally began in the music business as part of a Latin-house group called, "The Loco Boyz." While in the group, he found a new love, and that love was for FREESTYLE. Caramelo grew up as a fan of such great FREESTYLE artists: TKA, George LaMond, Coro, Noel, Cynthia & Johnny O, just to name a few! After realizing that he was the only musically serious and inclined member of the trio-"The Loco Boyz," Caramelo decided that it was time for him to begin his voyage into the wonderful world of FREESTYLE! Caramelo began his voyage in the late 1990s, when he met the talented producer Freddy "The Edit" Rivera. Together, with his talents as a producer and Caramelo's talents as an artist and songwriter, they created the track "You Make Me Want To Cry." The song was written by, Rafael "Caramelo" Ramos and initially appeared on East Coast Records' Freestyle Dance Planet Vol. 2 (Hot Productions CD#33196-2). The CD never got much promotion and thus, the opportunity to blossom. Currently, the track is featured on the CD "FREESTYLE'S NEW GENERATION" as part a two CD set that has been released on Bad Boy Joe's "The Best Of Freestyle Mega Mix, Vol. 3, (CD#WIP367) . The CD: Freestyle's New Generation was created with the intention of allowing aspiring new school FREESTYLE artists the opportunity to be exposed to new and old FREESTYLE fans. Soon after creating "You Make Me Want To Cry," I began to write a second track entitled, "Love Is What You Need," and with the assistance of producer Freddy "The Edit" Rivera, brought the track to life. The track appeared on A.V.P. (Another Valentin Production) Freestyle Vol. 5 (Hot Productions CD# 33260-2). Currently, Caramelo has written and recorded two unreleased tracks that appear on a maxi-single CD. The 2 Unreleased tracks are "Dime Que (Tell Me That)" Spanish Produced by the talented, Up & coming producer 'John Savino.' "You're The Love of My Life" Produced by the multi-talented and great producer/artist that we all love... Artie Rodriguez. Both songs were written by Rafael "Caramelo" Ramos.

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