In the summer of 1986 Carlos taught himself how to edit on a small inexpensive reel to reel that he was using to make mix tapes. Carlos wanted desperately to structure amazing edit remixes like the ones he heard The Latin Rascals and Aldo Marin put together for 92 KTU in New York back in 1983. Carlos worked furiously at learning the basics of editing and although it was frustrating he refused to quit. Carlos used to send his mix tapes to 09.7 Kiss FM only to have them returned unopened. Carlos sought encouragement and opportunity from people like Arthur Baker and the Latin Rascals and didn't get it because his skills were only basic. Carlos wouldn't quit though because he knew that he only needed to hone in on his craft a bit more and so he went back to his reel to reel. It wasn't until Omar Santana heard one of his mix tapes and asked him to become his editing partner that he finally had an "in" to the music business. After about a year of working with Omar, Carlos decided to go off on his own! In 1987 Carlos fell into a project almost by accident. His friend, Louie Martinez, was working at a recording studio in Manhattan where he found himself trying to program music sequences on a computer. It was during these months that Carlos came up with his first piece of music. "Out Of Control" eventually became his first full production and Corina's first Commercial Release. Although his approach was simplistic, the results were often unique and/or strange. It turns out that most of the early Freestyle records were performed by very talented musicians, with the direction coming from the producer of course. Carlos chose to play his own instruments despite the fact that he couldn't really play. Still in all, Carlos started to experiment musically and came up with "Make Noise," also in 1987, and it became a huge club hit. It was his first Commercial release featuring a Lisette Melendez vocal. Between 1987 and 1990 Carlos learned music structure by working "hands on" mostly on remix and editing projects. Through Franc Reyes, who Carlos met in 1990, he learned the value of a good melody and the power of a good song. Franc, not just a talented songwriter but also a skilled choreographer, taught Carlos to open his eyes to the world. "Whether the topic is politics, religion, homelessness, or simply love, everyone who considers him or herself a creative person has the responsibility to maintain an awareness of his/her surroundings in order to be able to reflect on it. Intellectually, Culturally and Spiritually. If you give thought to what happens around you it might spark a little fire that you can use in your creative efforts." Carlos says.... In 1990 Carlos produced "Together Forever" for Lisette Melendez and "Temptaion" for Corina. They became the highest charting Freestyle records of all time and allowed Carlos to introduce his own style of record production. Now, having formed After Dark Records, Carlos' intention is to sign and produce creative Freestyle records.

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